Black 5 
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****** T minus 45 days ******
I have videos of the progress and when i get the chance will put them all into one file and upload.
Now the bracket to keep the fins together has been built and attached.  The anchor cables have been attached as well.

Update.. finally got a video uploaded (~51 MB)

Pieces of the wreckage from the last attempt
****** T minus 44 days ******
Jon Mentzell came by to help sand and get the stickers off of the payload section.  Tomorrow, we plan on going to Maaco to get an estimate on a 'pro' paint job.
Video   11mb
****** T minus 39 days ******
Wasn't able to work on it during lunch because I had to take the cat to the vet for an emergency.... my little 'Piggy Monster' is not doing well.  Didn't need that at this time.
Anyway, did a lot of work tonight.  Attached all brackets to large fins, nailed body tube to centering rings, bondo'd one half of the booster, and ordered some stuff (including the motor case, and HTPB R-45 chemicals to make the motor.  Seems to be a shortage in the country for R-45 and I had to sell a kidney at black market prices to scrounge up a gallon of the stuff  (which reminds me, need to soak in a tub of ice for pain relief).
Video 69MB
****** T minus 38 days ******
Time seems to be speeding up.  I finished the bondo-ing tonight and it appears I've got as much bondo in my hair as on the rocket.  Wiring has been installed for the electronics that will control the air starts underneath the brackets and covered with bondo.  Also, the metal brackets at the bottom to help stabilize the large fins have been installed.
Sorry... no pics or vidz.

Other than that... normal life doesn't slow down.  My favorite kitty is not doing well and a difficult decision may have to be made soon.
Also, on Thursday, we should find out if Nina and I were selected to adopt two boys from Ohio.
... And in 24 days, Vini will be here.
****** T minus 18 days ******
Time is going way to fast.  However I think I'm going to be able to make it.  I have to work several hours a day until the launch to be ready though.  Right now, most of the body work is done.... just sanding and painting.  Unfortunately I won't be able to pay a professional to paint it, just can't afford it although I'm sure it would have looked even better than what I could do on a rattle can.
The nose cone is getting it's first coat of black paint and the rest of the body is on its second coat of primer.  Still got a few dings to fill in.
Vinny arrives in 4 days now.
****** Update ******
Been a difficult few days.  We weren't selected to adopt the two boys from Ohio and we had to put our kitty to sleep.  Kind of difficult to work on Black 5 during this time.
****** T minus 2 days ******
Where has the time went.  We will be packing up and leaving within the next 12 hours.  May not make it there until tomorrow afternoon.
Video of launch (200 MB)