I have the small fins attached.  The holes for the 54 mm motors have been cut and tubes placed.  Will need to strenghthen the tubes.
I have the outline of one of the large fins.  What you see inside the blue tape is the fin area.  The rectange on the right edge is going to be inside the body tube.  Naturally some of that will be cut away so that it can fit around the motor mount and centering rings.
Here is another shot with one of the spare fins sitting on the edge, just to give an idea of how its going to look.
Big fins cut, sort of together and I also placed the booster for Buttercup next to it for a frame of reference.   Buttercup is 7.5 inches in diameter.  The wing span for Black 5 is 6 1/2 feet.
She's a biggun.
Here I have the full length of it laid out on the lawn... All 14 feet of it.
Here, I'm working on fin can. I just took this picture a few minutes ago. Right now I am setting the last L bracket onto the motor mount. The motor mount is now double walled. Once this L bracket is set, then I will add a layer of epoxy and cardboard on the edge so it doesn't budge. These L brackets are designed to help prevent the wings from wiggling/flapping/moving during the flight. The square piece of wood is just a place holder and not part of the fincan.
Also, if you look closely, Buttercup is undergoing some repairs in the background.
Getting ready to fiberglass
Fiberglassed and dry-fitted.  Still lots to do.
Its getting there.  Still lots to do, especially with the fins.
The Demise
Onboard Video
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