Anticipated launch at Red Glare 8
I now have pretty much all the items to get a good jump on the project.  Still waiting on the nosecone (which will be conical) from Ken.  This weekends snow storm prevented us from meeting up.

I have filled in the spirals of the blue tubes with wood putty.  I've epoxied the centering rings to the motor mount.  I had a 1/2 inch baltic birch plywood left over from a previous project (RIP Black5).  Look closely at the wood and you can see the outline of the fins.  I may make some small adjustments before the cutting begins.

Fins are cut out.

Progress is moving forward, less than 3 weeks to complete and there is still a lot of stuff to do.  Here is the latest picture.  Currently I'm working on epoxying the body tube to the fin can and getting that smoothed out.  That and making the e-bay are the hardest parts of this project.

Download the video of first flight   (6.1 mb)
Launch photo by Nick DeBrita